Community/DIY Wireless Networks and Projects

People in other cities are setting up similar community wireless networks. See other lists of community networks at PersonalTelco's WirelessCommunities page and FreeNetworks' FreeNetworks:WirelessNetworkingProjects page.

Puget Sound / Seattle Area





New Zealand

==== China====


Seasonal / Event Based

Some people set up an ad hoc wireless network at BurningMan.

Commercial Projects

Wireless broadband ISPs are sprouting up. This one has been around since 1996, uses WaveLan (802.11 and 802.11b), and covers Seattle (including Queen Anne and Capitol Hill).

Cambridge Matrix provides DYMO mesh networks on a flexible pay and free usage model.

SurfAndSip is working on hooking up coffeehouses. Pay for usage model.

Many of the Starbucks Coffee ( locations have a pay for access service provided by T-Mobile Broadband.

Miscellaneous Projects is an art driven WLAN-infrastructure project in Munich, Germany

GroundSpeak is a project in Seattle to combine wireless data with GPS to offer free location based services.

The "Low Cost Wireless Network How-To" focuses on Proxim Symphony equipment and reuse of "MMDS wireless cable" antennas, but has a number of useful tips, wireless link analysis CGIs and schematics. Covers technical details which are often overlooked.

Internet Broadcasting Cookbook is a site designed for do-it-yourself webcasting, including lots of information about wireless networking technology.

"Dave" is working on setting up a 2mbps wireless link. He's documenting his experiences here, and collecting links to other resources.

Some folks from O'Reilly & Associates setting up a 21 mile link near Santa Rosa, CA.

Someone in France wrote about SeattleWireless for their CS338 project

Wireless Geographic Logging Engine. Database and mapping of millions of wifi points worldwide. windows, java, osx and web clients.

Individual extended WiFi network in Iowa (lots of Mac, Linksys and homemade stuff) inspired by information from Seattle Wireless.

Wireless info portals

There are also discussion forums and web-based bulletin boards

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