Looking for a hotspot for fileserver access to other members or for wireless internet? The access points involved with Seattle Wireless are at WhereToGetOn. Otherwise, some of the access points that we don't run are shown below. If you have problems getting connected, you might check out the "How Do I Get Started?" section in the FAQ located at FrequentlyAskedQuestions.

/!\ I've attempted to prune out the obvious non-public access points from the list. Just because an AP is open or unsecured does not mean that it is authorized for public use. When adding new APs be sure that they are intended for public use (whether pay or free) instead of being accidentally open. -RichardLotz

Other node lists

1. WifiMug is a wiki which catalogues cafes with wireless access.



  1. Seastar Restaurant and Raw Bar 205 108th Ave NE, Bellevue (corner of 108th Ave and 2nd Street). Open access for their patrons with SSID "Consera". Limited signal available on 108th Ave NE as well as on 2nd Street (west and east of 108th). Also very, very limited on NE8th Street around 110th or so (scatter or splatter?). Very limited parking on street. They don't mind others accessing, but the use is primarily for their patrons and finding a spot on the street just isn't that easy (bus stop in front--sit on the curb?). East of the corner of 108th and 2nd, there is some streetside parking on the north side of 2nd next to the bank. The first three spots have some usable signal. (2002dec12)

  2. Bellevue Square Mall: Nordstrom's espresso stand also gets some free WiFi overlap from the nearby Apple store. The Apple store has free WiFi. UNCONFIRMED statement taken from a MISCmedia weblog. Would someone check this out? >>>I checked it out and could not get any signal even going to the front door. One of the employees said he heard people say they got connected, though. Ken M (09-09-03) Worked OK for me sitting at a Nordstrom's coffee table. Signal strength was low on my Sony laptop, but it worked. Richard G (10-22-03)


Crossroads Mall (NE 8th Street and 156th Avenue) has open access to the entire Public Market area (plenty of seating available) courtesy of the King County Library System & WellingtonNetworks. Free wireless (and wired) Internet access is also available at the Library Connection @ Crossroads (KCLS branch library) in the mall. The mall is open late typically to 9:30PM and to 10:30PM on Friday and Saturday nites. *update* Usable signal inside the mall in front of the library entrance. Perversely, I was able to get a stronger signal outside of the mall in the parking lot than inside the mall. If you have an Apple, it links right up with the laser printer, but windows PCs seem to have a problem in linking up for free laser printing. If you figure out what to do to get your Wintel Hegemony device to work with the printer, please indicate. (2003oct31,Startide). QFC is offering free wireless in their stores. I have been successful at the QFC across from the Bellevue Square Mall on NE 8th. The only requirement is some personal information at login.(Ken M..2004Mar12)The QFC near Pine Lake in Sammamish added wireless access last week. It works very well after logging in with some personal information.(Ken M..05-14-04)

http://www.espressoamericano.com ESPRESSO AMERICANO located in the Bellevue Arts Museum offers free wifi. Serves gourmet espresso, drip coffee, looseleaf tea, sandwiches and pastries. Great place to enjoy a quiet lunch break or a evening with friends.


Horseshoe Cafe Open 24 Hours just off I-5

Breakfast 24 hours, cocktails, and free public WiFi access. (SSID PublicHorseshoe, DHCP). Amazingly low prices, Draft microbrews just $2.25 all the time and bloody marys only $2.50. The restaurant is the oldest in Washington, Oregon and Idaho, in continuous operation since 1886.

I-5 exit 253, 8 blocks W on Lakeway Drive/Holly Street (one road, two names), in the heart of downtown Bellingham. 113 E Holly Street between Railroad Avenue and Cornwall Avenue. Pull up out front for a quick driver download or email check, or come inside for a food or drinks with your laptop.

The back room has power outlets. Staff doesn't know much about the tech details, but 600kbps is the norm for usable bandwidth... Restaurant website athttp://www.horseshoecafe.com.

WWU Campus

The college tells students that they will be required to sign on using Western ID to use the wireless network but most of the nodes on campus do not have this restriction in place.

Check the coverage map for active locations: http://www.library.wwu.edu/services/wireless/wirelessmaps.shtml

Require login:

Do not reqire login:

Updates on the way. Contact AaronBronow for details.

Kissaten Coffeehouse, Downtown near the county courthouse

As a Seattle trained coffee drinker I consider Kissaten's cup of coffee the best in Bellingham. They proudly roast only Vivace beans and the folks behind the counter know how to draw a good drink.

They have a basic Linksys AP connected to a cable modem which is totally free and open to use by their customers.

King County Government Facilities


Initially the free Wi-Fi access will be available in the following locations:

-Reception and meeting rooms in the King County Executive’s Office in Seattle;

-Jury waiting rooms at the Regional Justice Center in Kent;

-Public areas in the Department of Development and Environmental Services (DDES) Permit Center in Renton;

-Public areas and meeting rooms at the Regional Communications & Emergency Coordination Center (RCECC) in Renton; and

-Public areas in the King County Parks Aquatic Center in Federal Way.

Next year, when the seismic retrofit work is complete, Wi-Fi access will be available at the King County Courthouse in the following locations:

-Reception area/lobby for the King County Council and Council Chambers, and

-Jury waiting rooms.

Informational placards will be posted at these sites to help the public identify where Wi-Fi access is possible. The system has been configured so that the default settings of most Wi-Fi cards should allow easy access. The public should have little trouble finding and using this service while doing business in King County facilities.

KCLS - King County Library System

The King County Library (http://www.kcls.org/) branches have installed free 802.11b wireless links to connect to the internet. (11/23 Bd) Normally, internet access (wired free terminals inside the library) requires a KCLS library card patron identification number to login. The KCLS WiFi access is currently free with NO KCLS library card login/password needed in contrast to the wired version of KCLS internet. In the development stage are changes to provide login control so that the library has an idea of who is doing what on the system and to curb abuse if someone is using the system inappropriately. There is not currently any rate capping. Also, all APs should be available 24/7. (9/30/2003)

If the KCLS services are pleasing, you may choose to add value to the KCLS system as a volunteer. Unlike PBS which wants cash, KCLS (see their website) saves money via volunteers that do all kinds of tasks from sorting/reshelving, daily vacuuming/mopping of the floors, internet user help, to cleaning windows. Many volunteer tasks do not need to be done specifically during daytime/workday hours but can be done afterhours at your convenience. For example, volunteers are furnished keys to the building in order to perform the off-hour tasks such as cleaning; if you watched a KCLS library 24-hours, you will see Friends of the Library show up after the library is closed such as midnight, 2AM, and even 4AM to get things done before the branch re-opens.

Interestingly enough, the KCLS WiFi access points are available at night even when the library is closed; so, it is possible to park in the lot and use the wireless gateway after hours. For example, the FOSTER branch library has a strong signal out to the parking lot at nite; it is located at the corner of South 144th Street and 2nd Avenue South (across from Foster High School) in Tukwila.

Someone asked me why would I want to use my laptop in the parking lot. Well, I can't bring a drink or snack item into the library. If you want to listen to loud music whilst accessing the net, you have to do it outside. And if you simply just want to quickly check email or get some info on a possible purchase, you can quickly park, fire up the laptop, and then drive off without needing to cart your laptop into the library. And the nice thing is that if you get to the library after work and it's closed, you can still access the net from the parking lot. So, if you work 2nd or graveyard shifts, this can be useful. If it's raining, you don't have to get out and get wet. Also, you don't have to wait in line for a wired terminal; conversely, you don't tie up a wired terminal that can be used by someone else. KCLS terminals prohibit you from loading software into their PC, so if you play an internet game, you can't use theirs (especially if you make noise whilst playing). Another thing is that the connection is remarkably stable, so if you play internet games, you will no longer die just because your dialup connection dropped. My internet connection at home is unstable and my game characters have died due solely to this; I appreciate the stable nature of wireless KCLS a great deal. What makes using a laptop MUCH easier in the car is a laptop holder such as the Deskdrive which I use.

In September of 2004, KCLS began to replace their Orinoco AP500s with Cisco Aironet 1200s. This is improving coverage.

Ref: http://www.kcls.org/about/wireless.cfm This page, updated Oct 22, 2003, list all King County Libraries as having wireless access, and help with instructions. - Ken M. (Nov 10, 2003)

Internet usage at KCLS: The KCLS libraries in 2004 had a total of 1271 workstations dedicated for free public use. More statistics are available viaWashington State library publications webpage.

KCLS sites with DHCP IP addressing *802.11b*

As of June 2003, all KCLS branches currently have WiFi, this includes: Algona-Pacific, Auburn, Bellevue Regional, Black Diamond, Bothell Regional, Boulevard Park, Burien, Carnation, Covington, Crossroads Mall, Des Moines, Duvall, Fairwood, Fall City, Federal Way Regional, Federal Way 320th Street, Foster, Issaquah, Kenmore, Kent Regional, Kingsgate, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Lake Hills, Maple Valley, Mercer Island, Muckleshoot, Newport Way, North Bend, Redmond Regional, Richmond Beach, Sammamish, Shoreline, Skykomish, Skyway, Southcenter Mall, Snoqualmie, Tukwila, Valley View, Vashon, White Center, Woodinville, and Woodmont.

The library branches that had switched from Static to DHCP in January 2003 are: Algona-Pacific, Boulevard Park, Federal Way 320th Street, Kenmore, Kirkland, Lake Forest Park, Skyway, White Center, and Woodinville.

As of January 2003, all KCLS branches with WiFi access use DHCP for address assignment.

Information about specific KCLS 802.11b sites

Reviews of signal strength inside the library are not needed as we can all expect the signal to be usable there, so these are reviews of the signal reaching outside of the library building. Unless otherwise mentioned, signal strength evaluation is done with laptop sitting on the car's front seat using a Surf & Sip (Senao) NL-2511 Plus pcmcia card with an internal antenna. This placement means my internal antenna is below dashboard level (not very ideal). Furthermore, I have metallic titanium-tinted windows which adds to signal loss. This less than ideal test situation means in some cases where I wasn't able to get a usable signal, you might. If you do get a usable signal, please add your opinions to the existing review. Most KCLS sites use channel 11, though sites with multiple APs or unusual interference issues may also use 1 and/or 6. Most sites originally had the SSID as "WaveLAN Network" but have since started using "kcls.org Wireless".

Algona-Pacific - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Auburn - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Bellevue: Crossroads Mall branch - The entire Public Market area of the mall now has wireless provided by KCLS & WellingtonNetworks. The network name is "kcls.org Wireless". (2003jan24) After hours, drive to the back side of the mall near Circuit City to find the front door of this experimental branch community center. The signal reaches into parking lot with Fair signal strength as long as another car isn't between you and the library. Optimal location to park for signal strength is slightly north of the perpendicular line extending from the front door. No external antenna needed if no other cars are blocking line of sight. A disadvantage of this site is that additional users will block the line-of-sight of some users due to the parking scheme and location of antenna. (2002dec21) Its antenna placement is such that the first set of cars parked in front of library will block line-of-sight signal to other cars. At the parking lot immediately across from the library door, you have a signal strength of -71.9dBm. For those who use Senao wifi cards, the Link Quality = poor(20%) and the Signal Strength = Fair(46%). If a couple of SUV or minivans park in front, you will need an external antenna to get sufficient signal. (2002dec31) The physical placement of the antenna near the outside door has been improved, and a quick test indicates it may be working a bit better than the above indicates. Someone with better equipment may want to give it a shot.(2003jan14) // There are four wireless access points in the food court area, and one in the library branch itself. // The laser printer can print from wireless laptops if they are Apple but not if they are PC. No login needed to print. I believe this is a security violation as KCLS sets a printed page limit per user. KCLS is aware of the problem. (2003dec07)

Bellevue: Lake Hills - Internet access seems to be available 24/7.(2002dec12) A strong signal (Good to Fair, suitable for internal antenna) is now available to the southwest parking spaces that are reserved for staff only; still no signal in the northeast patron parking areas. This is the only library that is next to a trail; the Lake Washington to Lake Sammamish Trail has a stop here, so you can also park and take a walk. (02dec23) At the west side staff parking area, there is -59.3dBm signal strength. For those using Senao wifi, the Link Quality = Fair(53%) with Signal Strength = Good(66%). It's a great solid signal, but the staff parking spaces aren't available until after the branch closes. (2002dec31)

Bellevue: Newport Way - Fair to good signal strength available in the main parking lot. This signal is vastly improved from earlier this month which suggests they moved the antenna to a better location. This library has my vote for prettiest parking lot (in a swath of greenbelt). (2002dec27) This site uses channel 11, SSID=kcls.org Wireless. It's antenna and AP have been relocated and may no longer reach across the parking lot. (2004dec02) At the west side parking entrance, parking spaces there have -71.2db signal, interference -73dBm from a neighboring home's SSID=Skillman. At the north side parking along the fence, there is -79.3dBm signal with -80dBm interference signal from Skillman and the Senao wireless card ratings are Link Quality = Poor(6%), Signal Strength = Poor(26%) for those who use Senao cards and want to compare. At the east side (main parking area) there is -66.4dBm signal and interference -68dBm with the Senao ratings of LQ = Fair(46%), Signal = Fair(53%). Thus, the best place to park for a solid signal is in the east side parking area.(2002dec30)

Bellevue Regional - This is the main Bellevue area library and is located downtown. The signal strength varies from good to none in various parts of the underground parking garage; the best signal is in the middle of the parking garage. The underground lot locks its gates 30 minutes after the library closes. No signal was detected on the main parking lot north of the building. (2002dec21) // I found a signal through the glass outside the children's section (South side) after hours tonight. Didn't stay long enough to check signal in seats 20-30 ft away. (2003jan27) Ken M // Using an external gain antenna, there was essentially no usable signal all around the library from any parking area in any direction. // The signal inside the library is supplied by three separate Agere access points on channels 1, 6, and 11. I didn't try to figure out where they were located inside the building. // Printing is available from wireless devices. Check with the librarian for a handout with instructions. Printer is located on the second floor in the magazine check out area. 2003Nov2 Ken M. // First branch I've seen that has gone to Cisco Aironet 1200 AP which is capable of 802.11g but the G hasn't been enabled as of yet; they have six of these with 3 on first floor and 3 on 2nd floor. (2004dec02)

Black Diamond I found the signal strength stronger in the parking lot than at the row of tables inside the building. (2003oct15) Strong signal throughout the library and in the parking lot. Their AP was upgraded to one of the Cisco AP1200 units. (2005Feb17)

Bothell Regional - (2003Feb03) South side of the building, legal curb parking on NE 182nd Street. Got a "good" signal (Orinoco Gold Card, Toshiba Satellite, Win2K Pro) parked next to the West set of large windows, next to the South wall of the Library, no external antenna, with the laptop balanced on my steering wheel (laptop high enough to use my right-side passenger window to "see" the interior of the library). Tried the West and North sides of the building, in several spots, including Staff parking, but no usable signals. No Parking on the street to the East of the Library. Bill T

Burien - No signal was detected at the parking lot or curbside parking during both a day and a nightime test. Don't know if an external directional antenna would yield enough signal strength. (2002dec12) // Hey! The branch seems to have relocated or replaced its internal antenna so that signal strength is vastly improved inside; if you were disappointed before with signal strength, try this branch again. (2002dec21) // Using an external 5dB omni antenna, was able to get a Poor signal at the west side of the library (parked streetside). // After hours, was able to get weak signal as the library's front door area next to the big windows. Parking at streetside in front of people's homes would seem suspicious so I didn't try that. (Startide).

Carnation - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Covington - a weak but usable signal in the parking lot outside the north window, next to the fenced off wet area. Works after hours as well. (2003May9)

Des Moines - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Duvall - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Fairwood - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Fall City - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Federal Way Regional - The inside of this site is fine, but I could not receive any signal outside.

Federal Way 320th Street - (2003-Oct-20) Got a good signal inside the building in the various seating areas. Based on the signal strength, I think the transmitter is in the back (the north side) part of the building. As soon as I walked out the front door, the signal strength dropped to almost nothing. I drove my car around to the north parking lot and parked next to the book drop. Got reception that occasionally dropped out but was otherwise quite usable.

Issaquah (2003Nov2) Issaquah has wireless and Cat5 connections available. I have not tested the availability of wireless outside or after hours. Ken M......(2004Mar12)I tried a conection in a vehicle parked in the closest spot to the front door, and did not get a signal strong enough to connect. I did get a good connection, with my laptop, seated on the bench just outside the front door.

Kenmore - Small site. Has wireless coverage in the parking lot.

Kent Regional - This branch just added wireless a few days ago (2003jan16). Are you sure it added wireless? Dropped by to check the signal out, but could not detect a signal during the evening when the branch was closed. (2003Jan21,Monday) Dropped by to check the signal out during the evening after the branch was closed, but there was no detectable signal. (2003Jan22,Tuesday) Dropped by after the branch was closed but there was no detectable signal. (2003Jan23,Wed) The library was open at 8:50PM, so I drove around but could not detect any signal outside the library. I didn't check inside the library. (2003Jan27,Monday). As of Feb2003, it looks like Kent doesn't officially have wireless. Hmmm, Kent has officially added wireless late March2003. (March29). Went by and the best signal is a weak one on the west side of the library available at streetside (along the curb) parking. The signal is too weak in the library's south parking lot for internal antenna cards and essentially non-existent on the eastside of the library by the thin strip park. (2003Apr09) Used an external 5dB omni from the west side parking lot across the street and the signal was quite strong; evidently, even if the omni was zero gain, the signal would be pretty good. So, simply having an external antenna seems to be the order of the day for drive-by computing. (2003May17) An additional access point was added at the reference desk (2003Apr). This will reach outside much better than the previous unit which was hidden in the back room.

<14-Nov-03> I tried the Kent branch WiFi access about three weeks back. It worked well enough, but the KCLS firewall apparently blocks VPN traffic, so I was not able to establish a tunnel with my own LAN.

I've spoken to the network people at the KCLS office about this. They acknowledge the issue, and I've been told that they're working it. The ability to VPN to your own LAN will, in their words, be available "sometime next year" (meaning 2004). <Bruce Lane, Kent resident>

IPSec and PPTP VPN works now. (2004dec02)

Kingsgate - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

Kirkland - During the hot weather this was my Kirkland office. Great location, lots of room to work, nice views on a sunny day. No trouble connecting.

Lake Forest Park - Strong coverage in all walking areas of the mall. I did not test inside any of the stores. Signal from the library even reaches most of the food court WellingtonNetworks has extended KCLS's network upstairs into the bookstores food court area to provide excellent coverage anywhere upstairs!

Maple Valley - I went to this branch during the evening, two weeks ago, and had no trouble connecting inside the building, but lost my connection as soon as I went outside. There are many trees in the parking lot. This may account for loss of line-of-sight. I did not have time to do more research, but intend to follow up soon. (2003Mar7 Ken M)

Mercer Island - I was there last Monday afternoon, about 4pm for a couple of hours. Its not a large library but there was plenty of space available to work. Since its not as populated as Kirkland or Bellevue, I never ran into any traffic problems when accessing their wireless port.

Muckleshoot - not reviewed (why not put YOUR review here)

North Bend - I have used their Internet from the parking lot during closed hours twice. It makes a nice place to stop on the way to/from camping. I have a Lucent USB adapter with USB extension cable that I put on top of the truck to get good signal. It didn't get signal when kept inside the vehicle. (2004Sep6 Vincent Y) The signal has been boosted here and should work in the car for at least the few spots close to the front door of the library. A good chunk of the park is covered, too. (2004Dec26)

Redmond Regional - Very low unusable signal strength to the street corner and to a part of the parking lot where there are no parking spaces. Otherwise, no signal detected. A high-gain external antenna would probably make the parking lot usable. (2002dec12) The front parking lot can't really get any signal, but the back parking lot used to be pretty good with a pringles. Watch out though, the back parking lot is right beside a police station, it might look suspicious to them in the middle of the night with a glowing lcd screen (unless you have a van)- jwc (2003Aug22). Outside on stone benches ~50% signal strength. Two other signals show, wamu(bank) computers and a (probably personal) netgear router.

http://www.ci.renton.wa.us/fis/wireless.htm - Renton Main Library

While not actually part of the KCLS system, the City of Renton has established a WAP at the main library, 100 Mill St., over the Cedar River. I checked out the service on 14-Nov-03 (Friday). About a 40% signal out in the parking lot, south side of the building, which is good enough to work with, but there's lots of concrete and metal around so be careful about your position. SSID is 'CROWN,' no security set up at all.

Like the KCLS network, it is not possible to establish a VPN tunnel to your own LAN. The initial outbound request and authentication goes out, but the City of Renton's firewall will block your server's attempt to establish the tunnel going back in.

At the risk of sounding selfish, I wish that the organizations who set up these access points would give more thought to allowing VPN traffic to pass through. They have to know that VPNs are a popular way for businessfolk on the road to get back to their company LAN. <Bruce Lane, Kent resident>

Renton: Skyway - Dropped by to check the signal out, but the access point evidently was turned off for the evening (unlike other branches which seem to have theirs turned on). (2003Jan19,Sunday) Okay, I dropped by when the library was still open and there was no detectable signal at the rear parking lot. A weak signal was available on the southeast side of the library and also got a weak signal while parked along the road at the southeast side near the large windows. (2003Feb25,Tuesday) Woah, went by this place at nite and it is waaay too creepy and scary to be parked here at nite. (April8,2003)

Richmond Beach - Full coverage in the library. A good chunk of the parking lot seems to be covered well, too. I had several cars between the library any myself, and I still had a good connection using the poor antenna built into my notebook. The seating areas outside the library had plenty of signal. (2005Jan27)

Sammamish - No signal detected at the parking lot or street during a night-time drive by. There is plenty of parking available so it is a shame that no signal was detected. Because there was no corroborating daytime drive by check, I am not sure if the access point was turned off at night or if there was insufficient signal for the built-in antenna of my pcmcia card. (2002dec14)

Seattle: Boulevard Park - The access point's omni antenna is placed at about chest height at the front counter so there's plenty of things to absorb the signal before it gets out to the parking lot at the north side of the building. I got a usable signal when parking in the first three spaces at the southwest edge of the smallish parking lot. There was Signal Strength of -72.5dBm. For Senao users, the Link Quality = Poor(13%) and Signal Strength = Poor(26%). Attenuating the signal are 3 building walls (two interior and one exterior) between the parking lot and the access point antenna. (2003Jan19)

Seattle: White Center - Dropped by to check the signal out, but the access point evidently was turned off for the evening (unlike other branches which seem to have theirs turned on). (2003Jan19,Sunday)

Seatac: Valley View - No signal detected at the parking lot or street during both a daytime and a nightime test. Although located in a residential area far from any other commercial stores, this library's unfriendly-feeling parking lot is inexplicably peppered with "tow truck" signs and "You are under 24/7 video surveillance" signs. (2002dec12)

Shoreline - Signal at upper parking lot (South side of library) was Poor (2Mbps) on an Intel PRO/Wireless LAN 2100 3A Mini PCI Adapter (built-in on a Dell Inspiron 600m). Lower parking lot ranged from Good to Fair. (2003July07)

Skykomish - not reviewed (please put YOUR review here)

Snoqualmie - not reviewed (please put YOUR review here)

Southcenter - Signal covers the library area and the open walking areas inside around it. I did not check the outside access. (2004Apr26)

Tukwila: Foster - Signal strength available to parking lot on west side varies from Excellent to Fair; no external antenna needed. This library has the best parking lot signal strength of all branch libraries with a Link Quality of Excellent(100%)/Signal Strength of Excellent(100%) in some parts of the parking lot! Also, the signal was usable in many parts of the parking lot (other branches typically only have one small area of the parking lot that is any good). Signal strength ranged from excellent at the west side of the building to fair at the far northern end of the lot (no external antenna needed though) during standard library hours. The signal strength drops slightly when the library closes (because they lower the aluminum mini-blinds across the windows). Foster is the closest KCLS site to the MeetingSpace so if you need wireless access either before or after a Seattle Wireless meeting, this might be the place to go. One nicety of Foster is that additional drive-by users don't block each others' line-of-sight as they do at some other branches. (2002dec30) Hey! I've seen other drive-by users sitting with their laptops in their cars here! (2002dec30) At the north end of the parking lot, there is -66.8dBm signal. For Senao users, this corresponds to Link Quality = Fair(33%) and Signal Strength = Fair(53%). This is somewhat far, so if you park closer (south end of lot), your signal will only get better such as a signal strength of -43.6 dBm which corresponds to a Senao signal strength rating of 100%. (2003jan02) The record number of people parked in the lot with laptops is three (so far)... I'm amazed that Foster seems to be more popular than the eastside library hotspots.(2003jan12)

Woodinville - Signal available from the main part of the parking lot, but not the side lot. There are benches strewn about the outside of the building, some of which get signal (closest to windows). I never got more than "Very low" outside according to the XP status dialog. On the inside, it never went past "low". Intel PROSet considered it "very good" in the comfy chairs by the YA section. The AP is likely located in the office behind the checkout counter, as the signal is actually strongest on the sidewalk in front of the windows to that office. (2003jun28)

Woodmont - Woodmont has an excellent signal that is available very strong from all parts of the parking lot. Unfortunately it is being used and monitored by the local cops after most all the time. The cops have been monitering the signal's activity after it was discovered it was being being used for to assist in coordinating "illegal activites". Its a good bet during the day time, however.

KRL - Kitsap County Regional Library System

Kitsap Regional Library System offers wireless "Wi-Fi" access for properly equipped laptops, PDAs, and other devices at each branch library. The "Service Set Identifier" (SSID) should be set to "default." Most laptops come automatically configured to pick up the wireless signal. Coverage varies per building, but typically includes 90% of the public seating. In some cases, coverage extends to the parking lot! No enforced time limits. Connect as long as you like. Be more comfortable at a larger desk, spread out and relax with fast access! (12/30 Bd)

KRL Homepage KRL Wireless Info

KRL branch libraries include the following locations:

Bainbridge Island Bremerton: downtown Bremerton: central Kingston: community center Kingston: Little Boston Manchester Port Orchard Poulsbo Silverdale



Near the Rite Aid, probably just the MobileStar (T-Mobile) net at Starbucks.

Jerzy's Coffee Shop

I'm editing from their right now, located on Redmond Way, killer coffee, open until 8PM, sitting on a very fast 802.11G connection right now. They claim to have the best coffee, and I'm hard pressed to argue! SSID: jerzys

as of 5/22/2006 the wifi has been down for three weeks.


QFC on the plateau at 2902 228 Ave SE has free WiFi in the coffee cafe area. ...UPDATE...... Pine Lake QFC has wireless and ethernet access now. Speed was about 18 kbs, wired(Cat5) and wireless(802.11b) .....(Ken M 15May05)



  1. Verite Coffee 2052 NW Market St. Seattle, WA 206-709-4497; open till 10pm. Seats can be scarce, especially on the weekend. Cupcakes and coffee are the core products. WiFi is free and there is a handful of plugs to be had in almost all locations.

  2. Mr. Spot's Chai House 5463 Leary Ave. NW Seattle, WA 206-297-2424. Frequent live music. Tough getting strong signal or power outlets. Thes folks however supply spicy chai to most of Seattle so it's the chai epicenter. Signal is free and strongest in the back near the coffee bar.

  3. Firehouse Coffee 2622 NW Market St. Seattle, WA 98107 206.784.2911; Mon-Fri 6am-8pm; Sat 7am-8pm; Sun 7am-7pm. Free WiFi with purchase - you must initially open a browser and try to connect to any site and you'll be redirected to their terms of service page, that you must agree to. Indoor and outdoor seating and a "kid-friendly" area. A few power outlets are available. A standalone PC is available in back for free - they request that you use it for no more than 15 minutes at a time.

ShilShole Bay Marina

There are two different pay for use WAPs at the Marina. http://www.bbxpress.net is one and the other is Cascade Link, or something to that effect. Both are asking something in the neighborhood of 29 bucks a month for access. Little steep if you ask me.


  1. Top Pot Doughnuts (part of Zeitgeist Coffee) opened a new location with nice woodworked bookshelves and gut-bomb donuts. Located at 5th on the 2100 block (Blanchard?)

  2. Frontier Room The Frontier Room offers tasty barbecue, a full bar and free wifi to every customer. We're located in the heart of Belltown on the west side of 1st Avenue at Blanchard Street between Queen City Grill and Ohana. That's 2203 1st Avenue for those cowpokes with maps. Frontier Room hours are Tuesday through Thursday 4:30pm to 11pm. Friday and Saturday 4:30pm to 12 midnight. Bar is open till 2am.

Capitol Hill

  1. Aurafice Internet & Coffee Bar at 616 E. Pine. They also have a scanner, cd burner, and other things if you need something done.

  2. Bauhaus Books & Coffee at 301 East Pine. Two floor coffee house 5-6 blocks off broadway. Good drinks, fast, free wireless internet and an abundance of power outlets for laptops. Second floor is a little noisy given the music, chatter and ventilation. Noise canceling headphones a must if you want to do any sort of work. (note: depending on your cards antenna, you might need to be upstairs for a good connection.)

  3. Top Pot Doughnuts (part of Zeitgeist Coffee) is located at 609 Summit Ave East, 4 blocks west of Broadway. A perennial candidate for best doughnuts in Seattle with their hand-forged yummies (Winner 2002 seattle's best donut beat out Krispy Kreme). Also has decent coffee, decent tables, good music (too much Bjork). Free 802.11b. Also seems to be a good 'join the network' candidate.

  4. Ambassador II free wireless at Summit and Howell (Courtyard for the Ambassador II Condominums - 802.11g Linksys router with signal booster in the window , Good signal up to a block away with line of sight. SSID is "Free Wireless".

  5. Capitol Hill Internet Cafe is located at 216 Broadway East just south of Noah's bagels, They have good coffee, great grilled sandwiches, and an open network. Reception is a little spotty in the front, but the booths to the back get good reception, even on a TI-book.

  6. R Place Bar & Grill 619 E Pine St, (206) 322-8828. Get your cocktail, techno and wifi on simultaneously at this fun gay haunt.

  7. Caffé Vita 1005 East Pike St. Seattle WA 98122 (206) 709-4440. Open till 11pm seven days a week.

  8. Uncle Elizabeth's Coffee. 1123 Pike at Boren. They play the blues on CDs all night. Lovely. Open till 2AM and cushy sofa to sit on.
  9. Perkatory 1400 14th Ave. Seattle WA 98122 (206) 262-9903 Located in the lavender building on the corner of 14th and Union Street (the number 2 bus stops across the street). Open 7am to 9pm M-Th (see website for weekend hours). Vegetarian friendly. Coffee. Cookies. Sandwiches. Soul searching and wifi are free.

  10. Victrola Coffee & Art 411 15th Ave. E. Seattle, WA 98112 (206)325-6520 Victrola is right on 15th Ave near Rainbow Grocery and across from QFC. Usually crowded and always an eclectic gathering of people. Wireless is open and free to patrons. Many different seating options including some bar stools past the La Marzocca, a couch, several tables (a few in the front window area). Music on the weekends.

Central District

  1. Cafe Stellina - 2000 East Union St. Seattle WA 98122 (206)322-2688 on the corner of Union and 21 Ave. Cool sculptural table and seats out front. AP is "Frankel Apartments" which is the building the cafe is in and is available for surfing from the cafe.
  2. 21 Union Cafe - 1407 21st Ave. Seattle WA 98122 (206)325-3328 at the corner of 21st & Union. Look for the stone camels. Nice sidewalk cafe area. Yummy brunch on the weekends. Connection is called "Actiontec".

  3. Philadelphia Fevre2332 E. Madison St. Seattle WA 98112 206-323-1000 11am - 8pm everyday - Excellent Philly CheeseSteaks as well as free Internet. Can't go wrong.

Chinatown / International District

Panama Hotel Cafe and Teahouse: 607 S. Main Seattle, Washington 98104 206-515-4000 Located mid-block between S. 6th and S. Maynard. Free access from the cafe as well as the budget-minded, quality hotel rooms.


  1. Fremont Coffee 459 N. 36th Street, Seattle, WA 98103 - (206) 632-3633. Great cafe in heart of Fremont. Free wi-fi, plus a desktop station (free for 15 minutes). Has wraparound porch that's terrific in the summer.

  2. Icon Coffee. Corner of N 43rd St and Fremont Ave N. High-speed DSL. Good download speeds, good coffee, friendly and laid-back baristas. One of my favourites in the north end and I've been to most of them. Open until 9pm every night except Sunday... open at 6am.


  1. Chocolati Café 7810 E. Greenlake Drive N. Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 527-5467 A small café with seating for about ten. Free wireless with no encryption. Handmade chocolates, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, deserts

  2. Revolutions Coffee Shop 7012 Woodlawn Avenue N. Seattle, WA A big, wide open space. Plugs on the perimeter, a few sofas, couple of bar seats by the register, area outside for cell calls. Encrypted but customers can get pass from counter folks. Free of charge. Good coffee, Chai, baked goods.

There are two public use terminals that for a small fee, cover the costs of providing wireless to anybody else bringing their own WiFi equpped laptop.


  1. Monkey Grind Espresso Bar at 518 N. 85th St, Seattle, WA 98103 206-782-6100. Located on the corner of 85th and Evanston in the Greenwood neighborhood of Seattle. The SSID is monkey. WEP is disabled. Access is free, and there is a power outlet near every inside table.
  2. Herkimer Coffee Take the number 5 bus to Herkimer on the corner of 74th and Greenwood. 7320 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103. 206-784-0202. Cozy. I love this place! Herkimer hours are 6am to 6pm Monday through Friday, Saturday and Sunday 7am to 6pm. The SSID is HerkimerCoffee. WEP is disabled. Wifi access is free. Seats outside too. Did I mention their ultra-tasty selection of Top Pot doughnuts? Well they have an ultra-tasty selection of Top Pot doughnuts.

  3. Chocolati 8319 Greenwood Ave. N. Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 783-7078 A small café with seating for about 15. Free wireless with no encryption. Handmade chocolates, hot chocolate, coffee, tea, deserts.

  4. Wayward Coffeehouse at 8570 Greenwood Ave N, Seattle, WA 98103. Free wireless with 40-60 Mbps connection and plenty of outlets. Open early at 6 am during the week/7 am weekends and open late until 11 pm everynight. Serves 100% organic, fair trade, shade grown coffee. Covered outdoor seating. Comfy chairs, sofa, lots of tables with room to spread out, books, games, and lots of local art on the walls. Live music on the weekends. Selection of pastries from Essential Bakery, delicious donuts from Mighty-O. Oh, and they're dog friendly, they even have treats for the puppies!


Q Cafe 3223 15th Ave. W. (Interbay Dravus Exit off 15th Ave) 206-352-2525.

North Seattle

Lake Forest Park Towne Centre Library, 17171 Bothell Way N.E. Seattle, 98155, http://www.kcls.org/lfp/home.cfm, 206-362-8860

Third Place Books WellingtonNetworks has installed an extension to KCLS's network.... Upstairs into the Third Place Commons!

Pike Place Market

  1. Kells Wireless Kells Irish Restaurant & Pub offers free WiFi to its customers. Kells is in Post Alley between Virginia & Stewart streets (to the North & South) and 1st Ave & Pike Place streets (to the East & West). Kells is probably Seattle's #1 Irish Bar and has been around for 20 years this year. Grab a Carlsberg while getting some work done. Awesome.

  2. Maximilien in the Market Maximilien now offers free wireless internet access for its customers. Maximilien is a romantic and charming French restaurant located in the heart of downtown Seattle's historic Pike Place Market. Lunch, Happy Hour and Dinner. It's one more reason for you to get out of the office and enjoy the spectacular view of the Sound.

  3. LOCAL COLOR Local Color in the Market at 1606 Pike Place. Offers coffee and free wifi and cool art. In the Petite Gallery kids are encouraged to create their own art and hang it on the clothesline. These pieces will be sold and the monies donated to the Pike Place Market Child Care Center and Pre-School. Local Color hours: Monday through Thursday 6:30am-8pm; Friday and Saturday 6:30am to 10pm; Sunday 7:30am to 7pm. Debit cards, credit cards and good old fashioned cash are all accepted.

Pioneer Square

Zeitgeist Coffee at 171 S. Jackson on the corner of 2nd and Jackson, decent coffee, decent tables, decent music. Free 802.11b (or two dollars and your drivers license if you need to borrow one of their cards). Perhaps someone should ask them to join the network?

SSID is NetCon5 and there's a power outlet in the northwest corner under the bench to recharge your batteries. Works great. 4/23/02

8/14/02: Connected using an Apple Airport on my TiBook, and it's great! Faster on the east side of the room (there's a bad spot in the corner just north of the entranceway), and there are actually at least two outlets. Did experience a couple of hiccups where I had a wireless IP but no net access, but they didn't mind resetting their broadband modem, which fixed the problem (barista said it was a regular occurrence). For outgoing e-mail from your e-mail program, you can use the SMTP server: pop.dnvr.qwest.net They have air conditioning, which is very nice on a hot summer day. Also, the music really isn't bad at all, and the mochas are great!

Bank of America Tower (Columbia Tower)

It is $2.99 for a day or $11.99 for a month of AT&T wireless. There is great coverage throughout the bottom three floors. I didn't test the coverage beyond that.

Queen Anne

  1. El Diablo Coffee Company 1811 Queen Anne Avenue N. Seattle, WA 98109 206-285-0693 On top of the hill, next to the bookstore and across from the church. Offers free WiFi and has a second level. Desi and Lucy bathrooms. Plugs around the perimeter and a couple cozy couches in addition to the table chairs.

  2. Cafe Zingaro Cafe Zingaro offers gourmet coffee, bagels, sweet treats and free wifi in a quiet, relaxed atmosphere. We're on the north edge of Seattle Center -- some call it lower Queen Anne -- at 127 Mercer Street across from Larry's Market in what used to be the Pacific Dessert Company. Cafe Zingaro hours are Monday through Wednesday 7am to 9pm, Thursday through Saturday 7am to 11:30pm and Sunday 8am to 9pm.

  3. Caffe Vita offer free Wi-Fi access, located on the East side of the hill at 813 Fifth Ave North (across from the 7-11). No donuts, but decent joe. (dated 02 Mar 04).


Ravenna Third Place Books 6504 20th Ave. NE Seattle WA 98115 (206) 525-2790 Third Place Books and WellingtonNetworks have teamed up to offer free wireless access on the premises. SSID is WellingtonNetworks. Open Mic on Tuesday evenings.

SeaTac Airport

They use WayPort and charge $6.95 for a one day connection. Signal is even strong way out at the B gates. SSID "Wayport_Access." Vendor "Cisco Aironet." They use cookies to determine if you have access through their proxy to the outside. Gateway is rock hard Linux.

University District

The Ave

Pagliacci Pizza, 4529 University Way NE, now offers free wireless access, both 802.11b and 802.11g!

Espresso Roma and the Sure Shot both have for-pay wireless access. There is also Starbucks north of 45th but who wants to go there?

I'm sitting in Espresso Roma right now and I opened up my iBook to see about wireless. There are three networks available: linksys, 4142, and "Dog Patch". Only 4142 has WEP on and "linksys has a pretty good signal. I don't see the for-pay wireless metwork that is mentioned above. --TomO'Hern

University Village

  1. Apple Store - U Village 2656 NE University Village St. Seattle, WA 98105 206-524-8100; Don't go in with a Dell:-) Not sure if the network is encrypted there but others are on it so they're giving out the pass if it's protected. They close at 9pm Mon-Sat and 6pm on Sun. Obviously kewl mac stuff too.

  2. QFC located IN the University Village (East side) 2746 NE 45th Street Seattle, WA 98105 provides free wireless in their lounge by Seattle's Best Coffee. An eclectic gathering of folks (CNN on the plasma screen) and a shortage of plugs maybe two... Open 24 hours though so if you're charged up, overdue, and can't connect elsewhere, this is your destination.

  3. University Zoka Coffee 2901 NE Blakeley Street Seattle, WA 98105 206-527-0990; open till midnight every day. It's not IN the Village but right behind it. Offers free WiFi (there's maybe three visable access points there at any given time). Frequently very crowded (read: nowhere to sit). Plugs at nearly every table. Light food menu, deserts, etcetera.

UW Campus

UW Access points are limited to university student and staff use. Before allowing traffic to flow off campus you must first authenticate with your UWNetID.


  1. Chocolati Café 1716 N. 45TH Street Seattle, WA 98103 (206) 633-7765 Three seating areas, ample power, amazing chocolates, friendly staff. Gets pretty busy when the movies let out. One of several Seattle locations.

  2. Zoka Coffee Located at 2200 N. 56th Street in Wallingford. Usually packed with locals and UDub students. There are plenty of plugs for your laptop and the wireless signal is good. They roast their own beans, have Morningglory chai, desert, music ont he weekend, and lots of users when the U is in session.

  3. Mighty-O Donuts 2110 N. 55th St. Seattle WA 98103 (206) 547-0335 Mighty-O is right across from the Zoka coffee shop listed above. The wireless is free and the donuts and donut holes are very good. Usually available seating as most patrons do carry out. Quiet place to read, do your work, check your email.

Woodinville, Washington

  1. HiWEB HiWEB Wireless provides free wifi to the local community. Wireless b (11Mbps) and g (54Mbps) both available. Currently testing 5 miles link and more. Kill Your Phone Line... Increased mobility means increased productivity...

NORTH BEND, Washington

North Bend Bar & Grill We are at 145 East North Bend Way and have a free hotspot. We also have jambalaya. Go ahead. Order it. It's good.


http://www.espressoamericano.com Espresso Americano located in the Everett Public Library (on the corner of Everett and Hoyt) and the Everett Train Station (located on Smith Ave).


Amsterdam, The Netherlands

I am sitting here at De Waag, the castle like structure on Nieuwmarkt Square in the center of the old city. The Society for Old and New Media has an antenna that blankets the large square and all the little cafes with a very nice data cloud. It is an open network; just 'light up' as they say here and you should be on the network. I am using an Apple Newton eMate 300 with a Wavelan Silver Card. Works great, and ambience is sublime. - Mike Weisman



Lewiston, Idaho

On Main Street there is a place called the Main Street Grill. They have a custom "security" set-up. You have to open a web browser and fill in a form Login: guest Password: guest. Good BLTs.

McDonalds fastfood restaurants

The Big Mac is planning to offer one hour of free wireless 802.11b internet to those who buy one of their value meals. The free wireless will initially begin in New York and then expand to other parts of the country by year's end. I wonder if McDonalds realizes how big wireless is in Seattle and whether or not it would be worth their time to offer wireless at the Seattle restaurants. McDonald's Press Release on Free 802.11b Wireless Internet and the official McDonald's wireless website. After July 1, McDonald's will go to charging $3 per hour for access, so at that point, it won't be much different than the service at Starbuck's minus the ambience.

Moscow, Idaho

The Blimpie's on the Moscow-Pullman highway has a Linksys up. Sometimes the AP wedges, if you ask the help they'll reset it. Pipe is OK, usually turned off outside business hours. Owner doesn't care if you come in for a grinder and a drink and stay for hours and hours.


T-Mobile Locations Commercial service at most Starbucks provided by T-Mobile. Good news? Well you can find a Starbucks just about anywhere and the service is fast and reliable. Bad News? $9.99 per day or $29.99 per month with a 12 month contract. Read the contract for details concerning how much you owe them when you cancel. No really. Read it. NOTE: To be fair, there's a fee if you cancel early.

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