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This router is very very close to the notorious LinksysWrt54g model, except it has more onboard RAM and onboard flash. It too can be "modded" with many of the available alternative firmwares and benefits from the added storage.

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Linksys WRT54GS Product Page


Detailed hardware specifications for this router are available at and

The LinksysInfo site contains serial number to hardware version mapping.


Firmware 4.71.1

Release Date: 4/25/2006

Firmware 4.70.8

Firmware 4.70.6

Firmware 4.50.6

Firmware 3.37.6

Firmware 3.37.2

Firmware 3.17.4

Firmware 2.07.1

Firmware 2.06.1

Custom Firmware


Click here to go to their website. This is a great firmware that is based on source from Sveasoft's Alchemy. It has a new GUI with some nice additions and the ability to run on all the current versions of Linksys' WRT54G(S) hardware.

"DD-WRT is simply a project which is based on the official sources of Sveasoft Alchemy. Due the nature of GPL based projects, this firmware will be also release under this license. Initially i wrote this modification to make it possible, to use the Linksys WRT54G/GS inside our Wireless Lan network as cheap replacement for our professional Lancom and Orinocco access points. so what was missing? first, we are using radius authentication with a central account management inside our network for user authentication. There is already a radius application available for OpenWRT, but openwrt was no choice since it is not user friendly for a non computer professional without any linux knowledge. so i just integrated it with some small enhancements in the alchemy software. my wrt-radauth modifications:

radius server timeouts will not be a problem anymore. a client is authenticated just up to the point, the server says really 'no'. a connection timeout will not have any influence to this workflow.

additionally i found it really helpfull to use a external filesystem device inside the WRT. my choice was a samba client since it is useable on any computer platform. you can easilly mount a windows network share into the wrt and additionally its also possible to start a script after mounting from this device. but the work was not over. also if currently the server/client watch function is still under development, i already implemented the RFlow traffic monitoring and management tool into the web interface. this tool is already inside DD-WRT, but you have to start it manually and so far it looks unfinished. (daemon mode does not work). so i finished it and yes now its working inside my DD-WRT and you can configure it out from the administration window."

ADDENDUM: DD-WRT is not GPL licensed according the the author at The author has his own license and charges for commercial use. See the DD-WRT website for terms.

"the linksys fw is not gpl at all, only partially. dd-wrt has several modules. i havent changed any license in it, but independent new modules are not gpl'ed by me and under a more restrictive license" -- BrainSlayer (

V24 Alpha

Very Alpha

V23 Beta 2

Available for download on their website now.

this firmware has been tested under the following router models

This firmware is currently very buggy and is best for expert users.

V23 Beta 1

Available for download on their website now.

this firmware has been tested under the following router models

This firmware is currently very buggy and is best for expert users.

V22 Stable

Works with the following routers:

Stable release but much less capable than the next V23 release. It also supports less routers than V23.



This is a modified version of Talisman firmware that has been released by TheIndividual. It is version 1.0.4 of Talisman and it works great. It won't run on WRT54GS v.3 hardware though. There may be a new version released sometime soon that will work, but at this point you will get an upgrade failed error.


Newest firmware from Sveasoft. Requires you to pay for use. It is blocked based on MAC address so that it can't be distributed unless you pay to download. Go to their website for more details.


The last "free" version of the Sveasoft firmware. Download it here. Only works on WRT54GS v.2 or earlier. Not as stable as Freeman/Talisman.


Older version of Sveasoft firmware for the WRT54G; not even sure if it supports the new WRT54GS. Download it here



The prefered version of HyperWRT for newer GS routers is Thibor's version available at LinksysInfo.


Updated instructions and precompiled firmware available here



August 12, 2005 - aaronmarks

The WRT54GS is almost the same as the WRT54G except for the obvious addition of SpeedBooster. The other differences include an upgrade to 32MB of RAM and 8MB of NVRAM from 16MB of RAM and 4MB of NVRAM like with the WRT54G. There was also the addition of some very nice parental control features.

November 1, 2005 - aaronmarks

The majority of WRT54GS that are version 4 that are being released by Linksys now only have half as much memory and are thus almost identical to the old WRT54G except for that it still has SpeedBooster, but it would appear that Linksys has cut the memory down to 16MB of RAM and 4MB of NVRAM in an effort to cut costs. For those who care though, the new Version 5 WRT54G has also had it's memory cut in half so it now only has 8MB of RAM and 2MB of NVRAM and doesn't even run Linux anymore.

Hopefully Linksys will realize that this is a mistake. I just went to Best Buy last week and bought out there stock of the older versions from what I could tell. I need them to sell to my clients since I'm an I/T consultant, but it's looking like I might have to start looking more towards the Asus WL-500g for my DD-WRT firmware needs.

December 16, 2005 - CronScript

See the addition under the Specifications section above. There are a variety of hardware versions which may have different CPU's and amounts of memory.

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