Similar to HackNight, HackTrain is a hack session designed to get work done, occasionally visit, and collaborate on ideas. Occasional video links and other collaboration may take place in conjunction with HackNight in Seattle.

HackTrain meets on the sounder each Tuesday. While the particular train and car can be variable, we usually catch the 5:10 train headed southbound towards Tacoma. Regulars typically use SMS for event coordination, so you may be part of this list by request.

WiFi internet access made available for all those attending through our 1xRTT CDMA AccessPoint. AC power and tables are available.

If you are interested in attending, contact CaseyHalverson via email or "tripplemocha" via AOLInstantMessenger.

CaseyHalverson also typically provides internet access on the TacomaSounder throughout the work week. Visit TacomaTrainNode for details.

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