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Beware of buying the DWL-520 PCI card, tt has been described as a Prism II compatible card, but this same model number has some different incarnations.

DWL-520c1 uses the AdmTek ADM8211 chipset (on the DLink web site, though you can't find those last two, magic letters, any where on the box or card).

Using the DWL-520 rev. E1 with HostAP HOWTO (Added Comment 04/04/2004)

Added Comment 03/01/05 The dwl-520e now works out of the box with Kanotix: http://kanotix.mipooh.net/viewtopic.php?t=4636

DWL-520 revision E is a Prism3 based card without flash. It's supported by the CVS version of the HostAP driver for Linux. To make it work, the primary firmware should be loaded, then PDA (card's individual data) is read, primary firmware is patched by that data and loaded again, and finally the secondary firmware is loaded. After that it works just like other Prism based cards. Should be a good choice for those who don't mind writing a 3 line script and keeping the firmware on the hard drive. (Added Comment 22/01/04)

Beware with DWL-520 and ADM8211 (DWL-520c1), this chipset has a very bad receiver sensitivity. Althrought in manual sensitivity is -84dBm i cant even associate with -54dBm. If i use exact the same transmission line and antenna ( i only change DWL-520C1 to DWL-520 rev B and of course change driver) the radio associate like magic with excelent signal 46dB SNR!! I wrote to Admtek they send to be linux driver(binary) but not more any help if i can change sensitivity by soft. This card is to me for indoor use only and in the same room without walls (IMHO).

Comment Added 22/05/03 Here in the UK we use 2 of these cards (not sure exactly which one) with a pair of SD19 Mesh Antennas and they work great over 4km. Had no problem with them at all. They were the DWL 520 and not the 520+.

Added Comment 25/08/03 Dig the Euro style date. As the original poster stated be careful in purchasing this card. The A and B revisions use the Prism 2.5 chipset while the C and D revisions use other chipsets. If you are buying this card retail the Hardware Revision can found adjacent to the bar code. It will be in the format "H/W: x" where x is the letter A, B, C, or D.

Added Comment 30/12/03 Just spoke to a distributor of the DWL-520 and they said they have H/W Revision E1. Anyone know what chipset/linux-drivers the E1 will use? I'm trying to avoid the binary-only drivers that the AdmTek ADM8211 uses.

There exists also a DWL-G520. It has an Atheros chipset, supported by the madwifi driver on Linux, and it has a RP-SMA antenna connection. With the Windows drivers it supports a (so-called) 108Mbps mode. Under Linux it seems to work OK in Infrastructure mode.

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