Works with NetStumbler 0.3.3. Cards are a OEM rebrand of the Lucent/Agere Orinoco Gold cards. They can also accept orinoco v8.10 firmware with some 'persuasion'. Persuasion maybe isn't the best term for it, I'd just say that they can be flashed but its a bit of extra work. The reasons for doing this will vary, as the TrueMobile cards really aren't that bad at all. The price, particularly on the TrueMobile 1150 is much less than the equivalent Orinoco Gold -- the two are the same save for some firmware differences.

Regardless of the nuances, the website has the modified firmware and some instructions for performing the TrueMobile -> Orinoco Gold flashchange. Flash the Dell branded card with Orinoco firmware and you then have a fully functional Orinoco card that's suitable for multiplatform use.

It's worth noting that you have a small chance of things going awry. Not that it's likely, but just something to be aware of. -Hopper: I picked up a TrueMobile 1150 at a pretty good price; flashing the card to use the Orinoco firmware 8.72 on it. What shipped with the card I don't recall, but it was extremely hopeless. I had numerous problems with the card, as shipped, using VNC and even the built-in Windows file sharing. Latency and network performance were substandard as well. I cannot directly attribute this to the card, but when I upgraded the card's firmware to the newest version, these issues disappeared. The point of this all is to mention that updating the firmware on the 1150 is paramount for peak operating performance.

NOTE: The Centrino versions of built-in wireless onboard newer laptops can also be of the Truemobile family. For example, the Dell Inspiron 8600 notebook has the Dell Truemobile 1300 as part of the Centrino. The Centrino is not compatible with Netstumbler as it does not feature a hermes chipset. Some good luck may be experianced with NDIS 5.1 drivers, if your windows supports them. Please refer to the NS readme for more information.

>Dell TrueMobile 1150 Mini PCI Card (Onboard Laptop) *For those of you having trouble getting your Mini PC card to work I bought a Dell latitude C610 with this card, card did not work right away, but after trying many different Firmware/Driver/Client combinations, I found one that works great with WinXP.


Client Manager:

NDIS 5 Driver:



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