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Soekris Engineering manufactures the SoekrisNet4501 and SoekrisNet4521 which seem very interesting as compact, low-cost BxNode and CxNode platforms. These are 486-class embedded systems with enough RAM to run a complete *nix OS.

As of Sept 2002 this is a "hacker's" platform; there is no shrink-wrapped software solution you can install on here. If you have a Soekris and you are developing for it, the Soekris mailing list is immensely useful.

Pebble Linux is a 40MB distro designed for embedded-style hardware, such as Soekris boards.

Here is a "starter kit" for a net-booting Debian Linux on a Soekris box: http://www.innercite.com/~mike/soekris/ (broken link)

(Note: the NoCat distro has been discontinued.)

ChuckHarrison: As a newbie, when I installed the starter kit to netboot from my Red Hat 7.3 host, I had to deal with these issues:

I strongly recommend watching the boot process with a sniffer like ethereal. An ethereal rpm is on the Red Hat disks, or you can download it.

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