This is basiclly the same guts of an OrinocoAp500, with an extra modem. I've seen HP, compaq, and dell branded rg1000s

Product page


They are very low cost, and seem to be quite stable. They run very cool, and can be put in WaterProofBoxes with no problems. The internal card is a lucent silver card, complete with lucent connector. Adding an external antenna is a matter of a adding a PigTail and drilling a hole in the case. If you are not keen on that, remove the modem, and snake your PigTail out of that opening. Careful! the plastic is brittle, and the little tabs tend to break while opening. One of the tabs is under the stick-on rubber foot; just rip off the foot to get to the tab. You should be able to add a gold card to this device, but there is no need as SeattleWireless does not use WEP.


Be sure to load the latest firmware or you may be stuck with the last six digits of the MAC address appended to the SSID. Out of the box it has WEP enabled and the key is the last 5 digits of the MAC address. The last 6 digits of the MAC address can be found on the label of the RG1000 in a field marked ID:xxxxxx. The default password is "public". You can use the configurator software shipped with the RG to load new firmware but, to properly set up the unit you are going to need Freebase. No worries about borking your rg1000 with a bogus firmware; unless you ice the bootloader, you can always reload the baseline config using the freebase. Just hold down the 'force reload' button, and then apply power to reset the password and settings.

You can run linux on them but you will need to set up an NFS server with the boot file system...or flash them with any of the following firmware: AP500, Airport, RG1000, AP1000

The really cool part about the linux firmware, is you can have the AP act like a client. Taking two of them, one with the NAT/AP firmware, a second with linux acting as a client, and you've got an active repeater!

linux (BROKEN LINK!)

Airport firmware & info

Lots of info about firmware & general stuff



chip specs It's all about an underclocked AMD ELAN SC400-33 chip. :)

Hardware Manuals: Here or seattle mirror

The RG-1000 looks like it's the same hardware as the AppleAirport. The very same PCB is used, but a few components are left off of one and added to the other (for example, the Airport has its status LEDs soldered to the board and viewed via light-pipes; the RG-1000 has a flexible connector going from the board to LEDs mounted in the case. But the pads for the Airport's LEDs are still there, just not populated). The fact that the same firmware works for both devices is also a good hint!


Seattlewireless has many of these. :) We need to test PtP Bridging/client mode, etc. I've heard rumors that this can work, but I'm not sure how. Also, it would seem that the wavelan RoR is designed to do this, so these options may be disabled in the baseline model.


I think the rg1000 really only uses snmp for management. This means, you can use neato stuff like mrtg to plot your wireless traffic, and manage the device via a number of tools. Oh, and the standard boxed drivers/config tools SUCK. Don't even bother with them. Justin Huff: I was happy with the Lucent config utils once I did the firmware upgrade to the AP-500.

freebase windows/vb GPL

KarlNet configurator closed source windows, limited options

Configurator java GPL, works ok

Linux CLI closed source, works well

New location for closed source Linux CLI; link above is dead

Python BSD-licenced bulk configurator. Dump and restore configurations. Great if you move your AP around and have several configs that you want to quickly change between.

RG setup tools that came on the CD do not install on WinXP, download a new version. Better yet use the Apple AirPort tool.

SNMP info

mrtg The Multi Router Traffic Grapher (MRTG) is a tool to monitor the traffic load on network-links. In addition to traffic, you can monitor other info available thru SNMP MIBs. MRTG generates HTML pages containing graphical images which provide a LIVE visual representation of this traffic. MRTG is based on Perl and C and works under UNIX and Windows NT.

Home of snmpwalk

Info on the undocumented MIBs (get number of associated stations, etc..)

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