I'm just writting down what features I think we need to have in a nodedb software.

Current rev of db model

Current implementation of db


Must have

  1. A web application that anyone can add, edit, and remove their listings. Fields:
  2. Looking Glass traceroute

Nice to have

  1. Automatic interface with DNS Servers
  2. Automatic interface with Whois Servers
  3. Maps
  4. Photo Upload


  1. Provide 'links' to other nodes. These could be tunnels over the internet, or wireless links. The NodeDb should be able to show them. (This node has a wireless link to NodeY, and tunnels to NodeX and NodeC)

  2. Provide pages for adding 'services' on your node. Could interface with Wahoo.

Software packages


Currently, there are very few options for whois servers.


bind9 is the the most commonly used, but it can be somewhat of a pain to update. webmin does a good job of 'manually' allowing other users update their entries, but it's not going to tie directly into whois & the NodeDB with ease. There are specs for dns zone updates (in fact, I think it's part of the RFC), but the nodedb would have to call them when it needs to.

Are there any other dns servers out there? Maybe one that's driven by mysql?


  1. Web

Dev Tools

  1. Apache
  2. PHP
  3. mysql


GPL version 2.

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