Commercial 15db yagi made of punched aluminum. If anyone has one of these, please provide measurements as we may be able to produce a limited run. If somebody can create a .DXF file or Adobe Illustrator file (.EPS or .AI) for the exact pattern of this antenna (note thickness too) I will see if I can get some cut out of aluminum with a waterjet. please send to

(email me a sketch of all dimensions and I'll produce a .dxf

Here's some more photos with a ruler, the spacing between elements is ~1". Can you post a close up or diagram of how the dipole is wired to the coax? I think I could dupliacte that part with a peice of PCB. Thanks. (AndyReilly)'

If you look from the top you can see that the coaxial cable sits slightly left (looking from the cable side) as it connects to the dipole. I would say that the center core is soldered to the left side and the shield to the right creating the dipole. The frame passes straight through the pc board without touching (no electrical connection).(sparki)

Here's a pic from the DirectionalYagi page. measured with a micrometer. I can't quite read some of those measurements (3 can look like 5) and can't seem to get my mesurements to add up to the same as here. Can you post a slightly higher resolution photo than this or translate it to a text doc?

Can someone explain about the galvanic connection between elements? Some Yagi's are insulated, some not. I would like to make the whole antenna on a PCB. That way precision is a lot more easy to reproduce. How important are the cross section(width/height) of the elements? And what about adjusting impedance? dipole or loop? /Wed - Sweden

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