Hack Night is a weekly meeting held by Seattle Wireless.

We now meet at Metrix Create Space 623 A Broadway E around 7:00 PM.

You may want to check the IrcChannel to confirm that we are planning to meet.

The general purpose is to get together, communicate, complain about things, and generally talk about random non-wireless projects. We also work on problems encountered by individual drunkards. Demos of software or hardware are also done on occasion, anywhere from telephones to lasers. In the process, we all learn about things we didn't know before which is certainly in the spirit of Seattle Wireless.

If you think Seattle Wireless is cool and are interested in setting up a node, stopping by HackNight is a great way to meet the other people involved and figure out how to get started.

623 A Broadway E

People generally blog about HackNight on the planet at http://planet.seattlewireless.net/.

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