FreeNetworks is a community of wireless groups around the world working on Community Wireless Networks (CWNs). SeattleWireless is a FreeNetwork and had a part in forming the FreeNetworks PeeringAgreement (Based on the Pico Peering Agreement)

There are FreeNetworks summits held in host cities (with participating CWNs) at least once a year. SeattleWireless, PersonalTelco, and BAWUG have all hosted summits. Many CWNs have widely varying levels and types of involvement. Summits are a great way to get people in CWNs talking about common goals and projects. In this way, we can help bridge the gap between different goals and intents to achieve a more cooperative effort in bringing the CWN concept to the masses.

Check out for news from the FreeNetworks front.

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