Beskriv DlinkDwl2000Ap+ här.

Dlink 54 Mbit/sec 802.11g access point / bridge / client / repeater.

Hardware (this AP uses Global Sun techologies GL2452AP board):


Tested this unit as a point - point bridge with the assumption of upgrading similar links using Dlink_DWL900AP+

Works reasonably good with small numbers of clients, has numerous problems when bridging larger ( 30+) numbers, corrupts some types of ethernet frames by shifting the frame contents. Firmware verisons tested 1.03, 1.10, 1.12, 1.13 with no luck.


Strings on the image, extracted from the firmware shows this firmware is probably used also on the more recent DWL2100AP. I have not tested that unit in bridge mode yet, I have bought enough paperweights from Dlink for now...


DWL2000AP+ CORRUPTS STP Packets !!

network with STP bridges <-> DWL2000AP+ <- p-p bridge mode -> DWL2000AP+ <-> network with STP bridges.

Packet entering first DWL2000AP+

01:52:24.633462 M 802.1d config 0080.08:00:2b:3a:68:a8.0002 root 0080.08:00:2b:3a:68:a8 pathcost 0 age 0 max 15 hello 1 fdelay 15

Packet exiting second DWL2000AP+

10:52:26.282934 8:0:2b:3a:68:a8 sap 80 > 1:80:c2:0:0:0 null I (s=4,r=0,C) len=42

You can see that this is the same packet, but that the content has been shifted 8 bytes killing the first 8 bytes 4242 0300 0000 0000 and adding 8 bytes at the end 0000 0000 0000 0000

The firmware versions 1.03, 1.10, 1.12 and 1.13 are severely broken by a packet copy bug!!!!! Useless for bridging real networks, where there is other equipment installed.

This problem has been registered with the vendor since december.....


Still no word from Dlink that they are going to fix this trivial packet copy problem that effectively disables STP, and disables RFC1195 routing. I think that not only is the product broken, but also the vendor...



Any word from d-link in regards to this corruption? Is anyone aware of any documentation that would allow novice users to easily create a bridged network between two of these devices?



Yes, they work in point-point bridge mode. Select a channel, set up mode p-p, add unit 1´s mac address to unit 2, and vice versa, reboot, and you are on.

These units perform reasonably with current firmware, but as can be seen above has some bugs related to 802.2 packets, so dynamic routing and possibly spanning tree has problems.

To just bridge a static IP subnet they seem OK.


Related model: [DlinkDwl2100Ap]

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